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Short: If you spend $1000 on two $500 dollar cards, you're not gonna get $1000 worth of performance; i.e. it doesn't scale well.

Long: The consensus seems to me to be that SLI or Crossfire are only really good when you want better performance than the best single card solution. Unless you're only playing pretty modern AAA's then SLI won't really be supported to a degree where it'll feel worth the money.

Let's say you wanted two 1070ti's in SLI. Here are some figures (based off the article below).

A quick look shows that performance benefits over a 1080ti are at best around 15%, the exeption being GTA V, the poster child for PC ports it seems, where the 1070ti SLI edges out 20%.

I won't deny those are good figures, but in half the other titles tested, the performance is worse, at worst around 15%.

Performance varies, and it's hard to say which one is a better option based off of those.

However, price determines the winner (in my eyes)-

1070 ti SLI - $450 x 2 - $900 (realistically more)

single 1080ti - $750 (realistically more)

So, at best, you're paying around 20% more for 20% performance gains sometimes...

For me that's a deal breaker, and especially if you're going SFF - the heat output should be addressed too.

If you want SLI, I'm not saying NO, or YOU'RE WRONG, or anything like that. It wouldn't exist if it didn't make sense to someone.

Source: https://babeltechreviews.com/the-gtx-1070-ti-sli-vs-gtx-1080-ti-performance-review-35-games-tested/3/
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