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Noob Wireless Question

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So, I have a Wireless router at my home. I live with my brother. and he has a laptop and his PC in a different area of the house than I do. and he has a Netgear Wireless Router. He set it up long before I moved in, and has his stuff set to automatically connect to it. I've always ran with a HArd wire instead of wireless as I have about 500 FT of Ethernet Cable sitting in the closet in a box..

anyways, I've just got myself a nice new phone.. the Android G1
and it has wifi. Only problem is my brother no longer remembers his password to his wireless.. is there a nice and easy way for me to check it?? I know I can type some sort of IP info in the address bar and enter it's settings. but where can I just get, or change the password.

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Your not looking for an IP address, your looking for the WEP key.
Most people don't write it down.

Google it: How to find WEP key.
I looked it up a while back, lots of data.
But surely to find/change the key he'll need to know his router's IP unless it's written on it like a homehub or many other ISP provided routers.
On the back of the router, there is usually a tiny button -- which is there for resetting the router back to factory default settings. Which means any network passwords will get erased, as well. It's like clearing the CMOS on a motherboard. Try that. Good luck.
What brand Router. Does he know the password to log in to his Router (not the wireless)? The address is usualy, or a variation of that depending on the brand of router (just google it).
Once you get to the router log in page, enter the name and password to log in and then go to the wireless settings and change the passkey.
If you don't rmemeber the password to log in to the router, then you will have to reset it as Diabolical999 said.
Reset the router. I bet the whole of your street is piggybacking >__<

Resetting the router will give you the chance to create a new password. WPA-PSK, or WPA, will be the safest encryption option, if you have it.

Originally Posted by GH0 View Post

There you go.

That looks like a nifty program. So it just find all the passwords you have saved on your computer for networks?
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On your computer that is connected, goto Start Run. Type in CMD <enter>

Type Ipconfig

Look at the the Gateway. Write down this number.

Goto a browser such as Internet Explorer. In the address bar type in the Gateway. (example : or or

A prompt should show up asking for a user name and password

If you have a Linksys Router it probably is:
Username: (leave blank)
password: admin

If its a dlink, its probably:
Username: admin
password: (leave blank)

If its a netgear its probably:
Username: admin
password: password

Then goto the wireless security page. It will display your key.

Good Luck.
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Originally Posted by IEATFISH View Post
That looks like a nifty program. So it just find all the passwords you have saved on your computer for networks?
All passwords that are saved in the Wireless Zero Config utility are found with that program. Other programs such as Linksys Center, or DLink programs will not be found.
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I have a netgear wireless one. the white one with blue lights around it..

I'll try to enter the above ( or or

and i think it's username admin, and password password actually. and then I'll try and find the key. otherwise I guess I'll have to reset, and no the nieghborhood is not on it. because it has like a 12 digit password. lol

Thanks, I'll try that.
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