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normal 3DMark results for 7800GTX512

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Hi all

what is about average for my setup (see below) and the same setup with only one 7800 GTX...

it is kinda difficult to copmpare on ORB since you dont know which rigs have a "normal user" setup
and which are trimmed for Benchmarking..


(3D Mark 06 & 05)
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I'm not sure exactly, especially with 06, but with everything stock I'd guess (true guess, just ballparking) about 7000-8000 on 06 and about 15000 on 05. Again, rough ballbark guesstimates.
6000 to 8000 stock single card on o5 . 4500 on single card 06..14000 to 15000 sli 05 6-8000 o6 sli....very roughly not seen benchies with that cpu
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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