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I have 2 questions...


repare for previously answered question::

Can you run regular SLI on a tri-SLI board?


I'm going to pick up a nForce 780i 775 ATX Motherboard... but it isn't the FTW version. What is the difference between the FTW and the non-FTW?

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Yes.. And you can even run 1 card on the board if you wanted to..

WTH is up with all the noob questions lol..
OCN was made for those who understand computers to an Extent. Not those who want to start from the begining..

There should be a banner when you join..

Warning: In order to join you must at least know all the parts of a computer and know where they go and what they do.

Im just pulling your leg

FTW, Is laid out a little different and is supposed to be I believe EVGA's own non NVIDIA SPECIFIED board.. So basicly they took a 780 chipset and put a turbo charger on it.

Its the highest end verson of the board you can get.

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Comparison of 780i/780i FTW/750i FTW

There is not much of a difference in the boards, the are all nVidia 7 series chipsets..

the 780 FTW is listed as having 4 PCI-E slots and 6 SATA connection, while the 750 has 2 PCI_E and 4 SATA... And the 780i has 3 PCI-E and 6 SATA..

The 780i FTW has some other options too, but they are not that important...

My suggestion is that if you need the extra PCI-E or more that 4 SATA than either of the 780's are great..
If you only need 2 PCI-E and 4 SATA than for the price you cant beat the 750i FTW...

FTW = For The Win "engineered with overclocking in mind"
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