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I just installed my H80i in my rig, and I wanted to post my temperatures just so I could hear how I am looking so far. My processor is an i7 960 running at 3.8GHz (An elementary overclock from the stock speed of 3.2GHz, but I will be taking it to around 4.4GHz this weekend). I'm using the H80i fans to exhaust air out of my system, since I have cool air being blown in from two fans at the front of my case, and two fans mounted on the side panel.

Ambient temperature: 21 degrees Celsius - creeps up to about 23 Celsius in the afternoon when the sun starts to shine into the room.

H80i Average temperatures:
Average temperature while idling: 33 degrees Celsius.
Average temperature while gaming: 45 degrees Celsius (Crysis 2, StarCraft 2, Battlefield 3, etc)
Average temperature under load: 57 degrees Celsius.

Are these good temperatures? Will any temperature improvements I achieve be minimal and negligible in terms of real-world performance gains? I ran IntelBurnTest for an hour and none of my temperatures spiked above 64 degrees Celsius at any time.

All I have to test these numbers against are the numbers from my stock Intel CPU Cooler's temperatures. These temperatures were recorded at stock speeds (3.2GHz as opposed to 3.8GHz), with an ambient temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.

Intel stock CPU Fan temperatures:
Average temperature while idling: 56 degrees Celsius.
Average temperature while gaming: 67 degrees Celsius.
Average temperature under load: 103 degrees Celsius.

Because I was running so hot with stock speeds using the stock Intel fan, I didn't even want to try overclocking while still using it.

So, are these temperatures considered good? This is my first time using an aftermarket cooler for my CPU, so this is a tad bit of an experiment for me.

Thank you for your time!

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Originally Posted by TinDaDragon View Post

100*C under load seems a bit high.
Sorry, should have been slightly clearer. The 100 degrees Celsius was with my stock Intel CPU fan, not my H80i. I personally didn't assemble the rig, I had a friend of mine do it, and am not sure he adequately installed the stock CPU fan which came with the processor.

But, yes, I agree that 100 degrees Celsius is a bit high, for any CPU cooler, stock or aftermarket.
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