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Northy 2.8 1M good for OC?

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im wanting to get atleast 3.2 out of this once i oc it. think i would have any problems or should i get a prescott. i know the norths run a little cooler. i think

question 2
in specs my 2.53 @ 2.94 with a max load temp of 35. should i push for over 3? everytime i did OS runs fine but games would always freeze after about 1 min of max settings. would this be the OS/Game running on different speed without reinstall or just not stable. never could check 3.0 temps was to afraid to run it anymore at that speed
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just as an info for you guys...the northys are able to run to as high as 75°C..i have done it and survived..(actually my temps went as high as 85°C) but the actual temp that even intel would suggest is in the range of 55 to 65°C as a maximum temp....

remember is has been well noted that Intel cpus dont die even when u go as high as 85 or 90°C they just slow down...AMD would turn belly up

and as such u can easily oc ur system till u reach about 45 to 55°C Max under any conditions (load)

as for pushing ur current sys past 3.0 i think it is very possible...the only problem that i see from ur current description is probably either ur ram is not able to support the max settings for games at that oc or more likely ur vga is not able to cope with the requirements of the game at full settings which is more likely to be the case....

most cards unless they are the top of the line are not able to run all games at full settings...i think this is the problem..try lowering ur max setting slightly lower and see if u can play the games....i also state this considering ur card is oced by lots....
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