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You say 2.8 1M Northwood. There are no Northwoods with 1MB Caches so I would download CPU-Z from here:


and tell us if it is a Northwood or Prescott processor. The voltage requirements are different for each processor and what is given for a Northwood (1.65 - 1.7V) would be tragic for a Prescott.

Your Manual:


On the "Frequency/Voltage" Page, you will notice "Linear Frequency Control" I would disable it if it is not. I would set the PCI Clock (MHz) to 33 and the AGP Clock (MHz) to 66.

There is no Voltage control for the CPU and this will limit your overclock though. Since you have both PCI and AGP locks though, it may be that your system has a "built-in" voltage increase tied to the FSB overclock. I have seen this before so you may wish to note when you increase your FSP (on CPU-Z) and see if the CPU voltage increases when you overclock.


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