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Northy 2.8 1M good for OC?

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im wanting to get atleast 3.2 out of this once i oc it. think i would have any problems or should i get a prescott. i know the norths run a little cooler. i think

question 2
in specs my 2.53 @ 2.94 with a max load temp of 35. should i push for over 3? everytime i did OS runs fine but games would always freeze after about 1 min of max settings. would this be the OS/Game running on different speed without reinstall or just not stable. never could check 3.0 temps was to afraid to run it anymore at that speed
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Originally Posted by Pacman

if you are at 35c yeah... you can push it more...
be sure to not get over 45 idle.... that the imaginary line i've created

If I could be as wise to disagree, I'd say that you should be safe that your Load doesnt exceed 55C, and not that your Idle flies past 45C. Why? Because, sometimes, dust and other factors such as air-cooling, your temperatures in your living area, etc can make the load go high-by. This was especially true in my case, where I had a low idle and a high load. I live in Puerto Rico, AKA as Caribbean, AKA as the "Hot Zone".
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