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Norton AV Update Frequency

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My Norton antivirus updates automatically every 2-3 days. I noticed that, in between automatic updates, when I would manually update Norton there would usually be new updates available. So I wrote a script to manually update hourly and ran it for two days. Lo and behold, out of 25 updates only 5 didn't have updates available.

Note that if the update window isn't closed after an update Norton won't update again (until it the window is closed). Sometimes I would be away from the computer and not able to close an update, so they really didn't happen every hour.

I wrote a script to do hourly updates, automatically close the update window (so hourly updates will continue automatically), and log the update date/time to a text file. If you'd like a copy PM me and I'll shoot one to you.. (You'll have to edit it to reflect the location of the referenced files in your particular setup.)

Woops! The Norton Update PID keeps changing, Have to modify the script to get it.