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Norton Ghost boot CD

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I have Norton Ghost v14 installed and I have just made a full disk image of C drive.

The main reason of installing Ghost was because I wanted to be able to restore my whole system if say my HDD dies or I encounter a system corrupting virus.

Saying this, I made a Norton Ghost boot CD but for some reason I cannot seem to boot with it.

I have a Gigabyte mobo and during boot I press F12 which brings me to the boot menu. I choose CD-ROM but XP just starts normally after I do so..

Any help?
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Try setting the optical drive as the boot devide in the BIOS.
it doesnt boot to a ghost image , it dont work that way, you boot to the ghost , then reinstall the image and boot to your hard drive, Thats the way it works and thats why your having an issue.

It does not transplant it onto a bootable cd

when i backup which is usually 1 time a month i run ghost ,creat an image and store it. if i need to reinstall from my image , I run ghost point to the image file and it rebuilds the hd structure,reboot and im done
If you are talking about the symantec recovery disk that lets you boot up to norton ghost recovery it should be an iso file located in the files that you downloaded from the norton website (if you bought it online) or it should have come with the product. You can burn the iso to a cd using something like imgburn. If you are talking about norton image that you created of your hard drive then that is not bootable. I recommend that you save the image of your hard drive to a different drive just in case your main drive fails.
Yeah I already knew what you guys just told me, I'm not a newbie lol

My problem was that I couldn't boot with the recovery disk. I tried with UBCD and that wasn't working either.

I fixed it though. It was my BIOS settings that didn't allow my DVD-ROM to be detected during boot.

My recent reinstall of windows must have changed my BIOS settings.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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