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as my title states this thread is not for the sake of upgrading just because its new and shiny
but practicality

I'm currently running an i7 950 at 4,2ghz.
and when its necessary i will get a better watercooler then i currently have and bring it up to 5ghz.

atm on any game i ever play I max out at 30% cpu usage.

so my question is, well not question but a bit of a topic to get a debate going upon when i might need to upgrade.
considering the 5ghz ontop of my current 4,2ghz.

theorycraft away!

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Nahh. Ive held off for the exact reason you have. Id end up with a new computer and a bunch of parts that I have a hard time trying to sell. Id rather just wait and see what the next generation looks like.

What are your settings at 4.2?

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Target CPU frequency- 4200mhz
Target memory frequency- 1600mhz
Cpu freq- 200
Cpu Ratio- 21
Memory frequency- DDR-1066 2:8
Memory timing- By DDR 1600mhz 9-9-9-24-1t
Uncore- slight oc to x18
PCIE frequency 100
Vcore- 1.2875
VDIM- 1.65
CPU VTT- 1.325
IOH- 1.3
QPI PLL- 1.35
All powersaving options disabled
Max load temp in P95- 65c

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Originally Posted by Mikecdm View Post

the only reason that I upgraded from my 920 was that I wanted a board with sata III. Beside that, I was happy with my 920.

Now running that 950 @ 5ghz on water, it ain't going to happen.
I've already reached 4,7ghz with my h80.
was 85c in torture.

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June is when the next gen Intel Haswell is due to be released, what you have now is fine until then. thats what i would do.
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