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Not getting new WU's

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Anyone else having trouble submitting or downloading new WU's?

EDIT: GPU2 client didn't send in my last WU a few hours ago and now it won't download any new WU's.
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Im not currently having any issues.
You may want to check the status of the work server. http://fah-web.stanford.edu/serverstat.html

when i have problems getting work, the program will only make 10-12 attempts to get work, then it will just stop. Have you tried stopping the client and restarting it?
It might be redundant sayng this, but delete the Fahcore_xx.exes, the work folder and the queue.dat files, then restart the client. Also, in your Fahlog, does it just say "Couldn't connect to server. Retry #14" or something similar?
Yeah. I stopped it several times (even checked task manager to ensure that fah_core11.exe was not still running) and restarted the client but each time it would attempt to get work up to 10 times and then hang. I stopped it for now and will wait till I get home to restart it again. Just wasn't sure if it was an overall issue or just the work server it was attempting to connect to.
check the servers before going and deleteing anything. There are a couple servers full
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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