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Not Stable 3.0 w/ 3700

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Allright im running 3.0ghz with 273x11 with ht of 3.. all my temps are fine at 1.55 vcore but i alwasys seem to get error in prime withiin 2 minutes. super pi and everything else seems to work fine what should i do? Its stable at 2.9
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Have you done a memtest86 to determine if the RAM is the cause?
Options if it's RAM
T2 Command
Upping vdimm
Higher RAM divider.
Increase the nForce voltage
Increase the LDT voltage

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Allrigh memtust results i did not do it for a while it was 3 pass 0 errors.. i did prime at 2.9 for 8hrs while i was at school
no errors for 6 hours is stable enough for me

Does increasing vdimm increase speed ? at 2.6voltage ,mem = 200 at 2.65 mem - 217
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