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Not to Shabby

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Well, I have finally started to push my Dual channel OCZ x2 1gb Platinum kit, and its lookin good so far, I'm runnning 240mhz, on stock 2.6vdim, 3-3-3-7 timings 1T, Yiffy says his can do 250MHz so for pc3200 RAM, these are a good as pc4000 modules

Now all's I need is a 3700+ SD with a nice stepping, and a nice o' SLI-Dr Expert board and i'll be set

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Originally Posted by Sideburns

You shoulda got some TCCD if you like to see pc 3200 run quick. I can't even believe sometimes how fast my ram will go. Hopefully you'll get to try some one day. 300Mhz FSB at 2.5-4-3-6 is a dream come true.

too bad it doesnt come in 1gig sticks. I'd have gotten some
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