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Well unfortunatly bad things always happen to me, and this time I cannot figure it out on my own so I am turning to the experts.

Yesterday I completely reformatted, and reinstalled everything because of my new rig. Right I turned it off that night and redid some water cooling stuff then plugged the pump into another computer and left it leak testing all night long.

I got up and it didn't have any leaks so I turned my computer on. Right there I heard beeps and I was like crap I forgot to plug in the 6 pin connecter to the PSU so I hit the power button and turned it off. I pluged in the PSu and turned it on again. Hit load setup defaults.

I took a shower and when I got out the computer had booted up fine so I went over to check my email. As soon as I double clicked on Outlook express the computer turned off.

Now it will not turn on again.

I am completely puzzled because the fact that it had been running for over 5 minutes now it doesn't want to turn back on.

I thought alright, it somehow overclocked itself again so I cleared CMOS, no use.

New power plugs, power switch on off, blah blah blah. Nothing.

So now I am at school sitting in a daze because I cannot figure out what is happening to my computer.

Any ideas?
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