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Not using heatsink on one of the rams, how bad can it be?

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so I installed xigmatec's battle axe on my 4850 and found out that the heat pipes from the heatsink is blocking me from putting any standard ram heatsinks on the rams above (12 o'clock) the GPU.

I've tried bending the pipes but it doesn't work. in fact, i almost have broken the pipes when trying to bend them.

so I just sticked a piece of metal (possibly a piece of tin) big enough to cover the rams on them as heatsinks.

and yes, they do get hot when i play games. but it's NOT any worse than the ones that i have put ram heatsinks (ones that came with the heatsink) on.

should I be worried ? (as they are just about as hot as the others which has heatsink on them)
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If there around the same temp as the others, i dont see why they would
I'd say if you've already gamed as hard as you're going to game on it for an extended period of time then I wouldn't worry. It's GDDR3 RAM so I wouldn't be worried since the ATi Powerplay technology can downclock the RAM as well as the core (I think) at idle, and I'd bet dollars to donuts it'd do it in the event the chips got too hot.

Remember though, just because a part is operating within it's limits in terms of temperature, that doesn't mean damage isn't being done, a chip that operates at 44c when put to work is most likely going to outlast a chip that heats up to 55c when labored. Basically saying you will shorten the lifespan of a computer part just by letting it run hot (not past the peak temperature, just hot).
I wouldnt worry, my 8800GS ram the ram @ 1900mhz without any ram sinks just fine, oced from 1600mhz. I got my VF-700 used and didnt get ram sinks with it, and never had a single issue, I have yet to see proof ram sinks do much good, to little surface area compared to real heatsinks, very little actual airflow moves over them, and the top of ram is not smoth at all, so bad thermal contact because of the thicker thermal pads on ramsinks, I wouldnt worry, they wouldnt be affected naked most likly
Even if you can't full out cover it is there not enough room to at least put the sink on half or the chip, or something to that effect? Some dissipation would still be better then none.
you'll be fine the extra air from the heatsink will cool the ram
ok...im gonna go ahead and change the heatsink on my other 4850 then. i worried about the ram heatsink issue and left the 2nd 4850 in stock cooling.
just remember the memory heat transfers to the PCB which is cooled by your fan lol
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