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Notebook HD2400 ati, NO DRIVERS?

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Here's the most annoying thing, Below = picture of what i'm getting when searching for drivers.

Last month I tried updating drivers, found a list... and now I can't seem to find drivers what so ever anymore for my card............................

And for those seeing it, i'm not "in drivers" but when I selected DRIVERS on left side first, then selected my card, it WENT HERE...automatically...

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Check the manufacturer's website of your laptop for video drivers.
I got this a couple days ago when searching for graphics drivers for Windows 7 -- even though they were there before and were there again later when I searched-- I think it is the site-- or something more mysterious I dunno, try going there with IE or another browser.
What type of notebook is it? Have you tried to OEM downloads just for the drivers? Sometimes the OEM producers have tweaked drivers for their builds.

Chuck D
been to toshiba, and they have something from 2007, that's it, a month before I bought the laptop...

And I have picked up drivers from the ati amd website, but still weird....

- Le_Loup

Any other sources for drivers? I'm trying to prevent the BSOD problem with my ati drivers, (it's not the build, hardware, or software, i've rebuilt it differently 3 times, different lcd's or no lcd's as extensions, laptop goes bsod because of the catalyst software failing a dozen times daily...)..
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