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[Notebookcheck] Nvidia 280M Benchmarks & stuff

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Nvidia's 'new' 280m GTX scores 11700 in 3Dmark06 with a stock x9100.

I score 11019 with the same CPU and an overclocked 9800m GT, I would hope the 280m could reach around 13-13.5k overclocked.

Lots of info here: http://www.notebookcheck.net/Nvidia-...w.14565.0.html

I heard from a reliable source that we can expect to see these for sale at the end of the month...I will be picking one up for sure, as soon as BIOS updates are available anyways.
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Ugh, "Regarding the benchmarks, the GTX looses the comparison versus the mobile HD 4870 in synthetic benchmarks. I" LOOSES!? LOSES!!!!! Why is this such a hard spelling concept for today's world to understand?
That has to be one of the worst benchmarks ever done...

They are comparing a 3.1GHz Wolfdale cpu to a 2.4GHz Conroe, of course its going to be faster.

If you notice, the 4870 beats the GTX280m in 3dMark vantage, a test that greatly favors Nvidia cards.

They tests that the 280m did win in were the lower settings, where the gpu was stressed less and cpu speed became more important. The 4870m still beats the 280m in Crysis very high, despite having a 700MHz clock speed penalty.
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