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Now parting this system, please send me a pm with the part(s) you want. Thank you

-Amd 965BE quad core
-Asus Crosshair IV Formula (replaced NB paste w/ new thermal pad, temps dropped ~10c)
-PNY XLR8 8gb ddr3 1600 (2x4gb)
-Asus Ares Mk1 5870x2 4gb
-Phanteks ph-tc14pe (barely used, comes with 3rd fan!)
-Nzxt Hale90 750W psu (comes with 4x vga, one sata, and one molex, I may have more accessory cables).

Please note: the Ares Mk1 has a broken hdmi port. Bought it like that a few months ago. Displayport and dvi work (i've used the dp setup). The fan has an occassional rattle that goes away on its own. Its tempermental with programs to control the fan. So far, 15.7 and using ccc auto fan seems to work for me. I've only gamed on it for less then two hours. It passed a few runs of FS and 3d11. Fan all ramps up on its own probably to cool the components and then settles down to ~20%.

I replaced the stock thermal (crud) from the Crosshair IV Formula with new thermalpad. It dropped temps a good 7-10°C. This board does not suffer badly from the notorious NB temp issues with this model, so I was lucky that i had decent temps to start off. I've been told using better pad or quality tim will even drop it even more, but its very good now I didn't bother any further.
I ran everything stock since this was a backup and family system. I need the monies and really I could do fine with the old oem system for our needs and my new job/work.

(edit: no cables with the mb, only the rear i/o plate. Psu cables, only what I listed, I may have more accessory (molex & sata), I'll check my parts bin.)

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