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[NowGamer] PS4 & Vita Bundle Priced at $500 - Rumour

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If the rumours are to be believed, Sony plans to release a bundle which includes the PS4 and Sony's handheld console, the PS Vita, priced at $500.

Inside Gaming Daily have released a video in which they claim that an inside source has confirmed that the bundle will be released before the end of the year.

That would actually be a destroyer of worlds kind of win, if true.
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Yeah, I don't think Microsoft could compete with that kind of bundle. Hope it's true....
If they don't confirm this before launch, there's going to be a lot of angry people who preordered lesser bundles.

But, Vita vs Kinect 2. Edge definitely goes to the Vita, at least in the short term.
Can't beat that. Only way I could think of is a price drop to $400-$450.

Lol or a fast way to get rid of some of those old Windows RT tablets lol
I hope they do it. More Vitas sold, means more vita games.
This is honestly a great idea, they have already talked a little about how you can use the psvita with the ps4 but I hope they will expand on that if they do this.
This would actually benefit Sony in the long run, not necessarily as a push for PS4, but for the Vita's lackluster sales. It'd be wise to have two income generating software sales vs just the PS4's
have it come in white
This also just in the "Vita will STILL be devoid of games, and will STILL collect dust on my shelf!"

Regular PS4 Please!

EDIT: I have a Vita and it has an even weaker game lineup than 3DS(Also Have) and WiiU.

Remote Play? They tried to push that with PSP and all it did was use your PS3 as an Ad-Hoc to play PS Classics. Which you could easily just transfer to the PSP in the first place. They tried to say it would play PS3 games, but it never materialized.
Meh I doubt it, I don't see it boosting vita software sales if you can just remote play ps4 games.
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Meh I doubt it, I don't see it boosting vita software sales if you can just remote play ps4 games.
If they used servers to run the game and stream it to the Vita via Wifi/4G. I would see it being worth it. However I have a strong feeling you will need to connect to the PS4 via Adhoc(Just like PSP/PS3), which is dumb, because I would rather just sit on my couch and play with the controller.
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