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Nv tweaking guide

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All nvidea cards have a nice built in nvtweaking system hidden from ur reach all of u know about cool bits but the is plenty of other things go to www.guru3d.com then download coolbits or something open the file let it edit ur registy then restart ur comp if the tab isnt accesible u did something wrong one u get past that painstaking process right click mouse then click properties click on settings tab click advanced then click the name of ur nv card. then u have 4 choices normally 3 but 4 now. once ur there itll say clock frequencys if u got a 5200 card like me core clock 270 mem clock 502 and ur done remember to restart com etc. also in the advance nv settings u can choose aa and af settings depending on ur card and choose the graphics quality quality,performance,high performance and there is texture sharpening if u wish so good luck getting started on nvtweaking and ocing.