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Nvidea Control Panel Settings?

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I have come to the conclusion that I am not qualified to touch anything on my Nvidea Control Panel.

I have a budget built gaming computer. I play a phew diffrent fps games, and my frames per second / registration sucks. My fps will reach a high number like 125 or 250 but drop to as low as 20, pending on whats happening, or were I look. I understand fps dropping is normal, but I think my computer is not being pushed to its max performance.

Could someone tell me what to set my graphics settings to? Or if I'm using the right drivers (182.08).

Any help would be appreciated.

NVIDIA System Information report created on: 03/13/2009 17:40:31
System name: JD-PC

Processor:AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3200+ (1804 MHz)
Operating System:Windows 7 Ultimate, 32-bit
DirectX version:10.0
GPU processor:GeForce 8500 GT
Driver version:182.08
Stream processors:16
Core clock:459 MHz
Shader clock:918 MHz
Memory clock:400 MHz (800 MHz data rate)
Memory interface:128-bit
Total available graphics memory:1279 MB
Dedicated video memory:512 MB
System video memory:0 MB
Shared system memory:767 MB
Video BIOS version:
Bus:pCI Express x16


nvCpl.cpl2.2.390.00NVIDIA Control Panel Applet
nvCplUI.exe2.2.390.00NVIDIA Control Panel
nvViTvS.dll7.15.11.8208NVIDIA Video and TV Server
NVMCTRAY.DLL7.15.11.8208NVIDIA Media Center Library
nvDispS.dll7.15.11.8208NVIDIA Display Server
NVCPL.DLL7.15.11.8208NVIDIA Compatible Windows Vista Display driver, Version 182.08
PhysX909.02.03NVIDIA PhysX
nvGameS.dll7.15.11.8208NVIDIA 3D Settings Server

Proccessor: Athlon 3200+
Card: geforce 8500+
RAM: 2gig
HDD: sata 160gig
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Drivers seem ok.

I just pretty much leave all the settings in the control panel to 'Application Controlled' and then try and find a good FPS config on the net for the particular game you want to play.

But yeah, with an 8500 and an athlon, you cant really expect too much in new games, sorry.
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as a previous owner of an 8500GT, thats pretty much expected. what i did was gamed at a lower resolution, usually 1024x768, and it seemed to work alright. '

with that in mind, i never even touched the high end games like crysis or grid, far cry 2 went alright on low settings.

short of upgrading the card, there isnt much to do
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The games I play most frequently is cod4, and cs. I run it at 800x600, with everything on low. The next thing I'm going to try is set it on application controlled.

Funny thing is I thought if i set everything to HIGH PERFORMANCE in the control panel it would run better. I just set it to HIGH QUALITY and what do you know, better fps and better reg. lol


Is it worth overclocking my setup? every little bit helps right?

Do games use all my memory automatically? Or do i have to tell windows to use it all?
u need a new computer seriously if you want to play games in todays date..
get a job . work hard. earn money. and save up and buy yourself a really nice computer. its all worth it in the end =)
I have a job. I'm just cheap, and games are not a priority.

Thanks for the tips guys.

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I used to have a PNY 8500 GT, I overclocked the hell out of it, and got about 20 FPS more in most games, I had mine at 675/1377/475, lol the core being faster then a 8800 GT's Core clock, if you want more FPS without having to pay for a newer card OCing is the way to go, just hit search on the forums and I am sure you can find a guide, I recommend using Rivatuner for overclocking and ATI tool for stress testing and remember to ALWAYS keep your fan at 75% if you are going to overclock that card, and if not 50% because its fan is really bad

Hope this helps
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the settings seem fine.

i'd blame it on the 8500GT and the CPU. even on that CPU an 8800GT will be way better.

8800GT + socket 939 + low res = own.

Originally Posted by -iceblade^
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the settings seem fine.

i'd blame it on the 8500GT and the CPU. even on that CPU an 8800GT will be way better.

8800GT + socket 939 + low res = own.

Nicely put
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All the oc'in i have ever done was with the program/add on you can download from the nvdea site. Do you suggest I use it, or am i better off useing Rivatuner or w/e.
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