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Nvidia 190 driver on windows 7 …. Extraction error…

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When I tried to install the latest nVidia deriver for windows build 7264 x64… I got an error in the extraction… and then I wasn’t eable to instlall it after several attemps… so did any one encountered the same error as well ??? what should I do to install it ???? after the installation failed… the system asked me to try installing it as recommended… and though… I couldn’t install it…. So what do you say with that ???

I attached 2 pics regarding this error


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Try extracting with WinRar instead of 7-zip.

Originally Posted by TurboTurtle View Post
Try extracting with WinRar instead of 7-zip.
I already have Winrar 3.80 installed, instead of 7Zip... so what's that ??
and I didn't extract it even... it's the installer which did the extraction... so when I click on "run as administrator" so that's what happened...

and by the way... I switched between my systems to Vista "as I dual-boot" I got surprised that it couldn't be installed as well ....
I have just got the same error message

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From your picture I thought you were using 7-zip, which is similar to WinRar/Win Zip.

If you're still getting the extraction error, just delete the file and download it again. Preferably from the nvidia website if you didn't get it there. The file you downloaded was probably just corrupted somehow.
Download it again, and don't do any other network tasks.
yes guys... I re-downloaded it again... and the problem's gone away now... thanx
I got the same error. I think there's something screwy with Nvidia's servers, you shouldn't have to avoid other network tasks just to download a file without corruption.
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