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Nvidia 7300 GS

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For the budget minded people Nvidia is going with a 7300 GS.
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Well thats a kind of pointless card, doesn't seem much better than 6200.... and it uses turbo cache
I thought it would be like the 6600gt for the 7800 series, but I gues not...
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No it says it has onboard memory.

and the 128 to 256 MB of RAM the 7300 GS will carry on board is plenty.

that's almost like a glorified 9600se made by nvidia...with sm3.0
I read somewere that there will be a 128bit version. probs be a gt version or something, but this is nvidia's 90nm product and i want to see how it overclocks
Guess what i found, a 512mb 6200 with updated shader model, higher bus speeds and to top that off its probably the only 512mb agp card. http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applicatio...809&CatId=1826

Edit: From now on if somebody is looking for a agp card im gonna show them this
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Originally Posted by wudaddy

Only 64-bit memory bandwidth? Forget it.

Heh, that's exactly what I'm thinking.
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If it were meant to be an equivalent (pricewise) to the 6600 then it would probably be called the 7700 or something.
The 6200 will stand little chance against it. Its newer, so more efficent, faster in mhz, and its 90nm so it'll OC better.
Its gonna be better than a 6200 but if youre looking for a 2D only card so granny can read her email then its better to go with the cheaper 6200 or go with intergrated.
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