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nvidia 9600gso

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i have recently bought a nvidia 9600gso with 768mb 192bit gddr3 and i am looking for the best overclocking tool i am quite new to all this so any comments would be appreciated
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The eVGA Precision Tool is pretty good. It is easy to use and can OC the card on-the-fly. And yes it does work with non eVGA cards.
nice find there, is it also the 96SP card? If so on normal voltage with good aftermarket cooler like a VF-700 you can easily hit 700mhz on that core, and 2000mhz on the shaders. As for your memory, Ive only dabbled with the XFX 680M 8800GS (the same card) but my 1600mhz GDDR3 384mb topped out @ 1900mhz
Hey sandman I want to use a bigger version of your avatar as a wallpaper lol, anywho

I would use Rivatuner as you can setup profiles that you can quick launch from your task bar.
Link here
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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