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I have had a 980 for a little over a year now and it has never been such an ass of a job for the past year I have had to be dealing with TDR issues on every single game I throw at it normal computer use it is fine just when gaming.
The TDR issue is random sometimes it happens seconds into a game loading and sometimes I can play for over an hour without a TDR....Now this is where it gets weird I can run the Unigine Heaven maxed out for hours no issue temps in limit's as it's water cooled never goes past 60c.

As you can see the card is more than happy to keep pushing with boost 2.0 and with more increased power target it does keep boosting more I believe Voltage caps will be the limit for this card
This is the same story for when gaming everything stays within checks no spikes or anything.

My card is an Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 980 stock clocks for this are shown in screenshot

As you can see I have tried already to turn down the default memory clocks to the stock Nvidia 980 to see if this was an unstable memory clock however on doing this it makes no difference I was still getting TDR problems this did not change when they happened either.

Things I have tried so far:

  • DDU the driver and try again with clean install
  • Clean install of windows 10
  • TDR manipulator or something which changes the TDR values for the GPU
  • Running the card at stock 980 speeds both on GPU and Memory :core:1126:
  • Setting up Nvidia control panel to "prefer max performance" on all the games I try and play
  • Clean install of drivers only installing PhysX and the driver nothing else
  • Tried all the drivers from 358.70 and up so far and some either crash faster or some the same time but none fixed it....Really no joke I have tried every driver going including the new ones just come out "362.00" is the most stable I have found so far with "359.06" in second. I have done so much Google action on which drivers are finding better for the TDR issues
  • Removed RAM sticks you name it
  • Tried different PSU cables
  • Tried different PSU and RAM
  • ^^Tried my old GTX 580 with the same drivers on windows 10 and that was no much better also did the 2 steps above with the 580 ^^
  • Put my CPU back to stock clocks no difference
  • Moved the GPU to a different PCI slot on the mobo no difference
  • Asked a few friends I know they also have this issue but not as often as I am getting it
  • Even underclocked the GPU both on the core and memory...This just made the games run like crap and still TDR
  • Only used one screen to see if there was an issue with that
I have done so much looking into this subject of the TDR issue and I know it's been an issue for years I don't believe it to be a windows 10 issue as I am still seeing windows 7 and 8.1 getting this issue with the drivers.

EDIT: Quick note I have had a 980 before which was the 980 HOF I had this on day of release as I loved the white card I however had to sell this due to personal reasons at that point I was running windows 7 and what ever drivers were out back then and I never had an issue back then. It was a while later before I could afford to buy a 980 again so much the drivers have gone from early 34* drivers to 35*+ by this point.

I have seen people RMA cards for this issue and it has clearly not fixed the issue so I have not bothered with this stage.

I am however losing the will to live with Nvidia and their drivers and I have always had Nvidia "sad times"

Thanks for reading and any ideas on this matter I know it's a lot to read

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You have tried other card which was GTX580 and still TDR occures, right? I think it is not your card faulty...perhaps your motherboard or the Windows 10 it self.
Have you tried back to Windows 7? You said that with Windows 7 was fine but with other card (GTX980 HOF)...but before roll back OS maybe you should try latest Nvidia driver 372.70 WHQL.

Note : There is an update for Windows 10 to become Windows Anniversary (it takes quite time to install) and driver supporting from 372.54 - 372.70 (latest now).

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Have u tryed 355.82 drivers ?

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Just to rule out your PSU possibly run some tests with a different PSU. Also since you're using an AMD board make sure in the BIOS you haven't changed the PCIe timings i.e: 100, set that to AUTO.
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