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I have a 144hz monitor, and a 65in 4k TV downstairs, both hooked up to my GTX1060, or RTX2080 (issue occurs with both). I use one display at a time.

When I have the TV turned off, and I'm using my monitor, sometimes my monitor randomly goes black like it's lost its signal. Very annoying when playing games.

I've found that if I unplug the HDMI to my TV, I get signal back to my monitor. Furthermore, this won't happen if I leave my TV unplugged.

It's a Vizio P65 and I've already tried updating Nvidia drivers.

Anyone have a fix or know if this is a known issue?

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what is your PC power options set at?

IS your TV allowing casting or are you directly plugged into by HDMI?
Just bought a tv to replace the old 43" and we started with the walmart samsung and it worked fine picture wise but the remote was complete crap, after 10 days we took it back since the remote positions just sucked. we couldn't find the right buttons by the way they designed it.
TV #2 was larger 60" this was the Visio and this one was bigger but the remote stuck all the time and we were pretty certain there was a issue in the TV itself. That one went back as well.
So we have ad this 65" TCL now and the remote is great, natural key layout that works. IT also does suffer from brightness over the others but it does sport a easier to get at sleep timer that isn't buried in the settings like the others were.

Seems the quality of these units that are coming out, or should say has been out for a year is making walmarts a dumping ground for crap products. The Hiesense brand sold out to another company awhile back and they have produced crappy products.

Though all of these was good enough that we could cast to them we usually don't watch from the PC as of yet,
Check things like like you GPU may default to black screen if you have two separate HDMI and say a Display port plugged into the GPU card. Some devices just don't play well when the resolutions are like 8 bit then has to go back to a differ refresh rate.
IT does sound like the GPU cards are using the ports in a prioritized fashion, as if that cable is plugged in it will revert to that signal.
I would suggest to try and Cast the movie etc to the TV to avoid direct cabling.
In the end you may never resolve this but giver a go at anyhow!
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