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So I downloaded a HUGE set of Nvidia SLI profiles from the EVGA forums (supposedly created by some "guru" of SLI profiles, but I forget his name).

I've successfully imported the group of profiles (they were in Nvidia "text" format) and they all appear now in Nvidia Inspector as one would assume.

What I'm wondering, though is this...

Are those profiles AUTOMATICALLY associated with the corresponding executable for any given game? Do they AUTOMATICALLY become active as soon as I launch, say Skyrim (via it's corresponding TESV.EXE file)?

Or... alternately ...

Do I have to MANUALLY browse to that game profile in Nvidia Inspector each and every time I start that game, and then hit the "Apply" button at the right of the screen?

My hopes is that once the profiles are imported, then the driver will do all the work, automatically loading the correct SLI profile for any given game that I play that has a corresponding SLI profile, but I'm not sure if this is the case.

Cause, the regular Nvidia Control panel does not update/reflect the changes in it's own interface once I select a SLI profile in Nvidia Inspector and then hit "apply" in Nvidia Inspector. This is confusing.

Thanks for any clarification.

I guess a simplified version of the above would be: Once I import SLI profiles via Nvidia Inspector, do I have to do anything else to make any given correct profile become active for the game I'm playing or is this done automatically?


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