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NVIDIA told its partners that it is willing to loan them 7900 GTX SLI systems for the CeBIT show. G71 cards are getting real but we are very anxious to see them in action.

The guys who are supposed to manufacture those cards only mentioned the showcase of the G71 based cards but so far no one told us that it will be able to ship those cards in retail at that time. There is a chance that Nvidia will show its cards at CeBIT, but not launch them, but it is keeping its corporate plans close to its corporate chest.

Nvidia played a dangerous game with its hardware availability at launches and this is indeed not an easy task to do. It failed to do so with the 7800 GTX 512, which suffered shortages just days after the launch, while the 7300 GS hard launched in Asia only.

Nvidia's Nforce 4 by 16 is now pitched against RD580 - a very good overclocker - and we also heard that X1900 based cards work quite fast, significantly faster than 7800 GTX 512 based parts. G71, Geforce 7900 SLI has to put much more beef into its 7800 GTX 512 brother for it to beat ATI's dual card solution.

If Nvidia does have 32 pipelines in its G71 chip you will have a hell of the performer but somehow we still think Nvidia has 24 pipes only. We well learn the latest at CeBIT but we hope to get some questions answered well before that date. I am still waiting for the chance to write "Nvidia's Geforce 7900 GTX kicks X1900 in its nutz", but this can only happen if Nvidia manages to make its marchitecture faster. µ
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