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This is verry weird.. after the 2 weeks of headackes working on nvlddmkm Ive just now tried the weirdest desperate move of all and out of nowhere... i could actually start warhammer online and log into wolrd without having texture flickers and the infamous nvlddmkm issue.... I even cranked up the OC and quality settings without a glitch... just to make sure i spun quick 360s in a detailed area with such a smoothness....

I got half a b0ner just thinking about it!

Heres the weird procedure:

-booted into safe mode
-went into device manager
-uninstalled chipset/sata/drives/sound/graphics (Without rebooting at all even if it asked to)
-after i was done, rebooted back into safe mode
-installed everything i had previously downloaded related to my mobo on support.asus.com
-rebooted into bios
-Flashed bios to 1406 even tho it said i was already using 1406
-rebooted into safe mode
-installed latest whql driver from nvidia.com (177.24 i think)
-rebooted in normal mode
-installed the mobo utilities/drivers that wouldnt install in safe mode earlier (windows installer)
-turned off UAC
-started warhammer online to get texture flickers but without the usual nvlddmkm restart.
-alt-tabbed to desktop
-ran Precision software to adjust to 630/1356(linked)/1134/89
-Also disabled PCIE and CPU spread spectrum options in bios
-Aslo enabled ACPI 2.0 in bios

Everything seems smooth now. Lets hope it stays that way (im sure it will pop sooner or later, sigh... itd just be too good to be true if it worked)

***Weird facts:
-I was convinced it was a bad card (evga support rep was also)
-My friends BFG gtx280 had no issue in my system from the start, but my evga would to the infamous error
-Now it does it with my friends card but mine looks fine as of yet

Someone really has to come-up with a generic fix for this that just works for everyone...Right now the fixes are so random its ridiculous.

Ill post back here if it crashes again, so far so good, *crosses fingers*
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