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NZXT Apollo ATX Tower Case Need Advice

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So I own a 780i FTW Evga mobo, and a Xigmatek Dark-knight I wanted to know if the mobo will fit into this case and if the dark knight will have enough clearance from the side panel to fit.
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Yeah the apollo should fit fine. If you wanted to look at different cases though look at a antec 300 or CM 5 or 6 series.
Alright I'll look into it the only thing is with the antec cases is the psu is located at the bottom and my psu fat has to face down so it would be blowing down.
Yes it will fit seen I do have Tuinq Tower 120 in that one. That I am using it on one of my rigs..The only thing about the Apollo case is bad air flow...That is why on my folding rig am using the A900...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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