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My apologies if this has been covered already, but a search did not provide any results.

I'm thinking of buying an all in one CPU cooling system in the 280mm range to cool a AMD Phenom II 1090T. This is a CPU upgrade from my current CPU a AMD Phenom II 955 BE. My current cooler a Corsair H70 is adequate for my needs. However, I would like to try to overclock the 1090T. So my question is this: Does anyone have any experience with installing the Kraken X60 in the LianLi PC-A77F case? If so, was it a clean install i.e. no modifications? This is very important as I am disabled and physically unable to mod my case. If no one has any experience, can someone provide dimensions for the radiator and screw positioning? If I can at least get the measurements I can determine compatibility on my own.

I appreciate any assistance that is provided.


Upon further study of my top plate and case frame I found that as long I can mount the radiator in a hanging configuration (case | fan | radiator versus case | radiator | fan) the Kraken X60 will fit so long as the screw patterns match. This would be similar to a push/pull configuration without the 'push'. So if anyone has the screw pattern dimensions, I would greatly appreciate the information.
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