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Oblivion help please

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For some reason, my 8800gts 320 is struggling to play this game. Is this normal? I am trying to use a few mods, and every since then my performance has gone to crap.
Please help
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Texture mods make that game insane. That may be your problem.
well i am trying to not use any mods at all, and the game just closes. And im not really using any texture mods, just oscuros and quest award
Did you install any of the latest patches?Maybe that will fix some graphic issues.
Make sure your drivers are completely up to date...when i used to play Oblivion, ATI's driver 6.6 made my performance drop to like 15 FPS but then the next version made it go way up, lol...
i reloaded my drivers for my gpu and then turned all the graphics down. So far it looks ok, but i think my gpu should be able to play higher than stock settings. Anyone with a gts 320 that could give me some settings to try?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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