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OC 2 cards in Win7?

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Hey all, i`ve been using Windows 7 for a while now on my folding pc, and i just found the latest drivers (181.71)
works great and all, but now Rivatuner 2.24 won`t work

i`ve also tried EVGA Precision but that only OC`s 1 card

for the lazy people that don`t wanna look at my second system (the one i`m talking about)
I`m running a Asus M2A78-T with a Phenom1 9950.
1x XFX 9800 GT
1x XFX 9600 GT

hopefully someone has an idea cause i need more folding power!
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to answer both of you...i have 2 monitors hooked to them and they worked fine...OC`ed well with Rivatuner.
but now that i`ve upgraded the driver , rivatuner won`t show the cards anymore...but they are folding great...on stock settings
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