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OC capable?

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yeah so im thinking about buying this mobo:


but i want to be able to OC and control my own fan speeds
is this motherboard able to be able OC'ed?


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OMW DUDE I have the same motherboard!!!! but get this its my school computer (I am cyberschooled) as for overclocking I couldnt do it at all, cause if I could I would have overclocked that celeron to 5ghz and watch it fry!!!

edit: o yeah forget about controlling fan speeds I used a program called speedfan and I thougt the program was useless well here my computer doesnt support it :-(.

but other then that I guess its a good mobo depending on what you are using it for, remember though it has no AGP or PCI express so your stuck with standard PCI

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One review for that mobo said he OC'd his 2.26 celery to 2.72. That's decent.
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