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Originally Posted by CPD 1216 View Post

So 1125/1575? What about the voltage?
keep stock voltage because thats what your card will allow you to OC stock voltage

im not 100% on how afterburner works with the predected settings but im sure it doesnt let you enter 1500/1900 for a reason

if someone else can elaborate with facts and links to help this guy would be much appreciate

OP - careful when taking peoples advice on here, make sure you research it 10x before trusting them. it will cost you hardware if you trust people , many read a few threads and think they are doctors of overclocking cards

occasionally some guy will come here tell you to put your card at 1.25v and oc 1700/2200 and he wont care that your card died in 2 weeks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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