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OC e6600 with evga 680i mobo

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I have ocz pc6400 at 5 5 5 15; evga 680i mobo zalman 9700, c2d e6600 and two 7600gt
i am trying to oc my cpu to 3.2 thats all im asking but when ever i try to change the fsb to anything other than the 1067 stock the board change my fsb voltage and ssp (pci-e bus voltage to 1.4) which is red in the ntune monitor thingy whenever i boot up.
is this ok the red really freaks me out?
if someone has done the same oc on the same board can you please share your spec?
any other comments welcome also
i am very clueless (first time doing this)
i ran the ntune thing for 5 hrs it only manage to restart my comp N times and oc my cpu by 1 percent grrrr rr...
so im in bios now ...
thanks in advance
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Well I have an Evga 680i and I don't remember the FSB Voltage changing by itself when I overclock.... maybe there's some kind of "Auto" setting you need to get out of. I'd have to fire up my sig rig, but my girlfriend is sleeping and it's so damn loud that she'd wake up for sure. Those Delta's scream.

I'd look for an "Auto" or "Manual" in the voltage settings and set them to manual if you can. I've never upped the FSB Voltage myself, never needed to and I'm running at 400FSB.
I think it was speedstep or something liek that that changes it. Need to disable that. Look for a function that cnages your FSB with usage or something liek that.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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