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OC E8200 Problem

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Hello guys

i have,

Ga-EP35-DS3 mobo
4gig ddr2 (Corsair xms2) 800mhz

the problem is, after sometime after i overclock this proc by upping fsb to 450, pci express frequency 105mhz, ratio 1:1, and didnt up voltage, the bios will changed automatically to factory settings, what should i do?

thx in advance
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Up the voltage.

The BIOS reseting is telling yout hat your overclock failed.
Leave PCIE frequency to 100 MHz. You need to set voltages manually. Read some guides.
ok, from easy tune, the voltage is 1.2, by how much do i need to increase? or should i increase it, then wait until it changed automatically and then change it again? if like that, it will take a looong time, because it automatically change to factory setting within 4days to 1 week time.
dont use easy tune m8, its much better to use the bios.

leave the pcie on auto and put the bios option for robust graphics booster to full or turbo.

best you are going to get is 3.2ghz or however far your ram will overclock as you can only run 1:1 so if your ram will do 450 you will be able to get 450x8 so 3.6ghz but you may not be that lucky.

your ram will be the first thing to let you down tho as the 8200 and p35 can do high fsb.
i think it can run 450, and 450 is enough for me, because even now i run at 450x8, and fyi, i didnt use easy tune, i juz use it for monitoring, hehe.. so thats mean i have to try to up the voltage right? if only that, i think ill get back to OCN if there is still problem after upping my voltage, and the voltage may vary right, so theres no recommended voltage for my 3.6ghz?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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