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OC estimations

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Hey...I've been asking in other threads but can't get a perfectly straight answer. I'm going to go into complete detail in hoping for some help. I have the B...2.4B. I have my CPU-Z shots which include CPU and Memory. Hoping for some help with timings aswell. What are some special things I could do to help improve my soon-to-be OC. RAM timmings? VCore? Anything is appreciated!

Cooling is soon-to-be XP-90 with a 92MM Panaflo. ASUS-P4PE-X mobo(I know I know...) Using OCz thermalpaste. Any other info I'm flag to supply!

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I hate this so much...but now i realise why people do it

You're RAM timings are actually pretty good there......

I'm not 100% sure of your question though? You want to know how to OC that chip?

Have you read the guides linked on the site?

Best thing to start with is upping your CPU FSB..........perhaps be more specific into your exact question........
Well as many have said to you in other threads you could probably hit 3.0ghz, I dont see why not. So Im gonna fallow everyone else's view and say probably 3.0ghz at least, you timings look ok(not the best but good) Im gonna asume your ram is pc3200 so you should be able to get to at least 3.0ghz, but the best addvice I can give you is try it out, its the only true way to find out what your system can do. We cna only give you a vague(sp) estimate. Now once you get started and need more help we can probably help alot more. Juswt start overclocking and post back.
i m guessing u should easily be able to hit 3.0GHz...but u must as others have said it....try it for size and know it urself....but it looks possible....just make sure ur temps dont go too high....
good luck mate..
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Hey guys, the XP-90 arrived today
. My question was kinda like a "what do you think, as a guess would happen speed wise" and a "what is latency?" Well at stock idle i was just over 15C lower than without the XP. When I OC'ed I could get it up to 35C. Which is still 10C lower than idle before!! I OC'ed and raised my VCore and such, ended up with 3.3GhZ stable. Hit 3.45 but wasn't stable. At 3.3GhZ Under load im at around 38C. AWESOME cooling, proud of my OC. Also got the FSB:RAM to 1:1 ! Here are some of my screenshots.

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Well done.
Have you tested the memory with memtest V3.2?

ISO images suitable for creating a bootable Memtest86 CDROM

Download this:


Download - Memtest86 v3.2 ISO image (zip)

Burn the ISO as an image to CD and set the system to boot from CD. The memory test will immediately start.

This is the best way to test the memory overclock stabilty as your Windows system will use ECC (Error Correction Code) bypassing errors that are being created in your DRAM.

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Artic Silver 5 (AS5) will help lower your temps...also, don't forget case circulation.

get it prime 95 stable and we'll see what kind of OC you end up with
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Artic Silver 5 (AS5) will help lower your temps...also, don't forget case circulation.

get it prime 95 stable and we'll see what kind of OC you end up with

I used OCz Ultra paste..recommended by local computer store. Case circulation is my problem, a new case in the near future will help though. Get prime 95 and we'll see what kind of OC i get, is going to bring down my OC or higher it or something?

About that memtest, I do not plan to OC my memory just yet, I'm waiting for my new case.
Prime95 will test the stability of your OC...you're probably running it really unstable...so the Prime95 will show your OC stable at a lower speed...though it will run more efficiently (instability wastes clock cycles since it has to re-run the strings over and over again until the output is correct; also, sending errors is a major issue as well, as your programs might crash or your computer might restart if temps jump up a little bit since you are air cooling...I've had my share of the bunch).

Which case are you going for?

You might hook up your xp-90 to your intake via a duct, and it'll drop the temps by around 10C (average drop).

BTW, (off topic alert!) how is that motherboard treating you? My friend wants me to build him a rig, and I was curious if that was good enough for the price. Comments?
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Well everyones been telling me its not that good. It has a locked 18x multiplier which really gets on your nerves, but other than that its treating me great. Yet to have a problem. AGP, are you sure he wants that? It works great for me. Has maximum of 800FSB, which could disappoint some, but i only OC'ed it to 780. Any specifics you'd like to know I'd be happy to answer, its great for the probably now dropped price!
Congrats on the overclock. Just stress test it now to see where its stable.
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