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OC GeForce 9800GTX+ SLI

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Looking to overclock my 9800GTX+ SLI setup. When I had only one 9800, I was able to OC the card to 800/1990/1350 stable. Now with SLI enabled, if I try to OC, it will crash.
I know when SLI is enabled and dual monitor on the first card, the 2nd card is off until needed, I have been monitoring the usage and temp.

So any ideas or thoughts on this? I would like to take advantage of both cards fully at all times, is that possible?

thanks all.
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You will never get cards to overclock as high in sli/xfire as they will alone.
figured... I guess you don't need to with SLI enabled...full 60 FPS @ 1920x1200. I'm happy.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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