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So I am curious and interested in buying from here. But I see they offer the same CPU but at different prices saying they were able to reach X speed using Y voltage. But do they send any additional information with purchase on what they set in their motherboard to help me reach that speed also? To get a stable OC you need to tweak a few things to make it work right. Just upping the voltage inst enough.

Or are they saying if you know how to OC you can get close to this but we are not telling you what settings to change in the bios. And if they dont provide additional information and I can never configure it correctly to get close to that speed do I get a refund ? How do we know they ever really even got it to that speed if I cant match it or come close to it? I see alot of positive reviews and word of mouth but I dont see the actual proof anywhere to validate it. They are just saying it got there so here it is. I validate things all day. Its my job and it gets me when I have to just take someones word.
Upping the voltage is all you have to do. We only change the CPU voltage and frequency (along with XMP for memory) when testing, so it's a simple plug and play if you follow our QVL.
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