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OC help: athlon 64 3200 venice

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Hello, This is my first post on this forum.

Can anyone see any flaws in my OC setup below. I dont yet fully grasp the effects of an overclocked fsb on ram because of this I set the fsb to 250mhz and then set the ram divider to 5:4 so that the ram would remain at 200mhz; was that a wise decision or would having a lower fsb like 220 and a 1:1 ratio be more effective in reguards to tweaking my rams timings. I havent been able to lower my ram timings below, is this because I am using generic ram? or is it because I need to change some settings?

So far I have gotten prime95 to run for 41 min with the voltage settings on auto. I'd like to get prime95 to run for a couple of hours while oc'd. Any suggestions would be great, also if someone knows a link to a guide that talks about the relationship of ram voltage, timings, dividers, and fsb I'd love to read it. I am a little grey in that area.

system specs are:

zalman cn9500 heatsink/fan
2ghz athlon 3200 (ddr 400) Venice core
2gig (2x1gig) supertalent ram assuming its the 3L version
256 pci-e 6200 nvidia video card
asus a8n-sli mb

my bios changes so far are:

ddr ram voltage: 2.7
vcore: 1.45
fsb: 250mhz
cpu multi: x10
pci-e: locked at 100mhz
pci: locked at 33.33mhz
ddr timings:
divider: ddr 333 (5:4) ratio
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Your RAM is definitely going to hold you back. Seems like a lot of people use the A8N-SLI. Might have to think about that one if I go 64-bit anytime soon.
If your motherboard will allow you to do the following settings, try it out.

Multiplier 10x
V core 1.55-1.6
RAM divider 2/1.5 (150 mhz)
FSB 270
HT multi 3x

That will give you 2.7ghz with your RAM running at a comfortable 404mhz

If you don't have a 150mhz memory setting, try this.

Multiplier 9x
V core 1.55-1.6
RAM divider 2/1.33 (133 mhz)
FSB 302
HT multi 3x

That will give you 2.7ghz with your RAM running at a comfortable 400mhz
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hey thanks alot for the help, ill be reading those articles and testing out the alternative settings some of you guys listed.

does anyone know a program that can show you the voltage of the ddr ram? usually when I change the speed of the processor i set the voltage to auto then look and see what the mb selected in cpuz then set it to that, and that seems to work. Was thinking maybe i could do the same thing for the ram?
Welcome to the site, please fill in your profile it will help us to help you, speedfan will give you your temps and volts, cpu-z will tell you the rest of your specs.
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ok. I added my system settings to my profile... wasnt quite sure what it meant by memory speed so i added the current divider settings i was using.

Im still having stability issues with Prime95... I think the problem is probably one of the things that i dont quite understand yet, namely the HTT multi and the ddr voltage. If im changing the ram divider to a lower setting like 5:4 does that require more voltage? and does anyone know a good system to base what you set the htt multi? im not sure how it relates to the rest of the system
Look at BIOS to tell you Vdimm..... there are limitations on the Asus MB as to what it can accurately report.

If you work through the previous link that will help you OC this MB, also work through this as well.


HTT can be left at x3 for the A8N MB as this will cater for up to HT of 333.

ClockGen can be used to set Vcore on the A8N but really you need to manually set these in BIOS and test.

Hey just a quick update! Prime95 has been running fine for over 3 hrs so im gonna bet that its stable... running alittle hot though, at a high of 47C so i think im gonna buy some exhaust fans for the back of my case tomorrow seeing as I do not have any currently
. The settings that worked as it turns out were:

ddr ram voltage: auto
vcore: 1.5
fsb: 250mhz
cpu multi: x10
pci-e: locked at 100mhz
pci: locked at 33.33mhz
ddr timings:
divider: ddr 333 (5:4) ratio
htt multi: x3
ram timings:

Thank you very much for your help folks!
Now i just need to buy better ram.
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Test your dram at 2.7v and set the timings on your divided dram to 2.5-3-3-7 or 2.5-3-3-10 and then run prime95 again. Sometimes value dram can surprise you with it's abilities.

Case air flow... very good focus on the temp managment... get the highest flowing fans you can.. can stand the noise that is
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yeah your temp is a bit high for that chip and that cooler. What thermal paste are you using? you might want to invest in some AS5.

a couple things... make sure your memory command rate is set to 2T on that board.

you'll want to get the system to be prime95 stable for at least 12 hours before you know for sure it's stable.
ok just to respond to the most recent posts:

Ropey, I tried your alternate ram timings up first at 2.7v, then 2.75v, then 2.8v

2.7v: blue screen air flashed up and comp restarted
2.75v: blue screen came up after windows splash screen was on for afew sec
2.8v: system actually booted but i got a send now air and the comp froze afew sec after getting to the desktop

Does anyone think I can I put my generic super talent ram to a voltage higher then 2.8 without my computer busting a chinese new years on me?

As for my cooling, I am using the thermal grease that came with my zalman cn 9500, I just assumed that all thermal paste was the same but if this is not the case I'd gladly look around for some of that AS5 stuff you mentioned.

Personally I think that my cpu's high temperature at full load is because I dont have an intake 12mm fan and 2 rear exhaust fans. I do have 2 crappy exhaust fans one on the top of my case and one on the cases door, but they are louder then my stock processor fan and probably dont do much at all. I would guess right now whats happening is the hot air is being blown off by my zalman and then its sort of just circulating around my case over and over.
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yeah, you'll want some good air movement through your case and that should help. another thing to look at is reseat your cpu cooler... you may not have gotten it properly seated. and all thermal paste is not equal. get some arctic silver 5 if you can. (it's usually about $10 shipped) and put a tiny bb sized bit in the middle.

you can probably safely give your RAM up to 2.9v most RAM can handle that... not entirely sure what IC's your RAM uses so if you can post a picture or read anything off the actual memory chips you might be able to find out some more information on your RAM.
Guess I'll buy a tube of arctic silver when im at the place where im gonna pick up my fans. As far as posistioning my fan goes theres really only one possible way for it to go on, but I'll look into that aswell seeing as im gonna have to take it off to clean it and apply the artic silver I'm buying.

while we're on the subject of cooling whats your take on them new fanguled modular powersupplys with seperate channels of power for the mobo so the processor doesnt share energy with the rest of the comp?

Soloz2, I found a pdf file with the specs of my ram chips on it, on super talents website, hopefully you can gather the info you wanted

My chip is the D32PB1GJ 1gig chip the pdf talks about. Heres the Link
yeah, you can also get pci bracket mounted fans and then the pci exhaust fans which might help
Your modules are 1Gb and CAS 3, this is typical of 1G modules and the settings you have found (3-3-3-8) are the best to run these at esp once you start to OC.

Vdimm could be bumped up to 2.85-2.95 but use memtest to check for errors at each timing and speed change.

The Asus MB has a max 3.0v Vdimm and limited mem dividers (MaxMem) so these are the options you have to play with with any given CPU speed and setting.

Finding the Max of each 3 key componets will then enable you to bring them together. This takes some time initially but will be no-where near as long if trying to do all three (unknown) at the same time.
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I have been having trouble getting this chip to go above 2.12ghz, the ram seems to be resilient to changes but I could be wrong. gigabyte mobo ga-k8nf-9, 3200+ venice, gskill ram 2x1g pc3200, multiplier auto, bus 212.2, ht auto, ratio 2/2, cpuv 1.4

Any help would be appreciated and I can give more info if you need

I am trying to bump the speed on this thing for a friend so it can do a little more than one intense app at a time.
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