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oc P5n-d ??

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I'm now ocing E6650 on Asus P5n-d 3228.19mhz and lower my ram back to
800mhz. I ran PC wizard 2008 with a score of 17745.94 when before I could not get above 6079.02 with cpu at 2900mhz with my ram at 840mhz.

My 1st question did I hit a memort bottleneck and should I lower my voltages
since I am more stable with OCCT2.0?
My second question that there is a difference of 4c of core 1 and core 2
(do I have a problem with my CPU)?

I have read alot of post and still trying to understand all and need a few
answers to understand more. Thanks in advance lol...

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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