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OC Turon X2 TL-56 on my laptop

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to most of you that know it runs at 1.8(1.795.6) I want to overclock it just enough to hopefully get 2.0, but not sure how far it can be pushed.

anyone know how far it can go on a laptop? and if i HAVE to use BIOS or a downloadable program,
EDIT: Im gonna use clockgen, just would like to know if anyone already knows how far it can be pushed.

ATI RS690/RS690M chipset
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I wouldnt overclock on a laptop. Most software isnt compatible anyway, not to mention that heat is usually the biggest issue.
I have that CPU. It runs freaking hot at stock.

I highly recommend not going the laptop overclocking route. You will not be able to achieve an OC high enough to result in a noticeable increase in performance.

If you want to make your laptop faster, buy a 7200 rpm hard drive.

Sorry for the pessimism, but that is just the truth.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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