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oc via bios or software, and help oc'ing

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im kinda confuse about this and this is my first time building a pc and oc'ing. I read the guides in the sticky but still wondering how to go about oc'ing via bios or software. After i build my pc, it came with a cd for drivers and ults. so i use it and some of it are for overclocking so i figured you do this via the ult that came with it. AOD was the name of the software.

WHile oc'ing , i changed the clock speed, mult., then reboot but after that, nothing has change. it revert back to normal.

would doing this via bios wont revert back my settings? im lost now
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Yes, BIOS is the best way


Kind of long, but its yields a gold mine of info. You be a pro at overclocking after reading this
Generally software is only used for OC when the BIOS doesn't have the options one needs, or when doing suicide runs that might not make it to the OS as the speeds on is shooting for.

Most OCing software will have an option to load settings at startup, and without this setting you'll lose the OC next reboot.
in bios you have way more control of the oc, software oc can be good just for multiplier raising maybe.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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