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OC'ing a 2500k

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Hey everyone. I finally got my new cooler so I'm looking to OC. I haven't overclocked since I had LGA 775 chips, so I checked out the guide here on OCN. So basically I just up the multiplier to say 40, and boot up? And if everything's okay slowly bump it up?

The guide made it sound like the vcore changes automatically and that turbo has no effect on the OC even if you can't disable it. I know I also have to disable a bunch of stuff like C1E, EIST, thermal monitor, etc.






Hows that look? Not sure if I got the settings right, since the vcore still fluctuates (haven't tried gaming with the OC, gonna wait see if I need to make any other changes).
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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