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OCing a 8600M GS with 179.48

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I seem to be having some issues with overclocking my laptop's 8600M GS so I can run Left 4 Dead better.

I've tried using ATITool, RivaTune, and nTune. All have failed to make my OC stick. I can however change the clock of the low power mode for the card. As soon as I load up a full screen game though it goes to high power which is set to 400mhz/400mhz.

Any ideas on what drivers I should be using or how to get this OCing to work?
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Originally Posted by slothfish
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Agreed. Bad idea. I wouldn't recommend overclocking a GPU in a laptop due to cooling issues. Your card is probably downclocking itself back to stock because the temps get too high. The woes of laptop gaming...

No... Lol.

It was the version of firmware I was using.

I now have it overclocked to 650/550 and it runs fine, doesn't get above 75C even after hours of testing.
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