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Oc'ing a E8500 - 4.5 ghz

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hey guys ive recently started playing with the oc on my cpu and got it to 4.0ghz stable,jus would like to get it to 4.5 so im attaching my settings for 4.0 and tell me what i can do again

Specs=e8500 on a p45 UD3P f8 bios

NB i found these settings online on another forum cant remember where but thx to the guy
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Hmm...I'll like your way of thinking ^_* *cheers* mate wish u luck
Do you want 4.5ghz as a 24/7 clock? Or just for benching?
I might try that. I got mine to 3.9 a while ago, then I stopped. It sounds pretty good though. If you get yours to 4.5GHz and plan to keep it like that, I suggest you think about water cooling.
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24/7 on air would be nice but cpu life will be at risk ??
so does anyone know what i can do again to attain 4.5 ghz i can get the multiplier up but i dont know what voltage the cpu will want and stuff(Im a OC noob)
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4.5ghz is a bit high for a 24/7 clock IMO, there is no real difference from say 4.2-3 that you would notice outside of benchmarks.
^^ true dat i guess i want to see what my chip can do and then al be happy
Push to see how high you can get a CPUz validation, its pretty fun to get into the 4.7ghz+ range.
ok got it stable but temps are keeping me back where i live its 31 C room temp and system temps are 40 and max load in prime95 is 72,also i need a better heatsink
but reaching 4.5ghz was aite untili i upgrade heatsink
thx for your comments guys
72*C in prime isn't too bad. I've gone up to 88*C and never had problems.
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