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OC'ing Corsair XMS , help !!

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My OCed comp at the sys Spec. below
this is my DDR SDRAM
I think it use Promos chip

I've OCed like this: FSB:240MHz
1/ Didn't change the bandwidth (DDR/FSB:5/6) :--->srill run 200MHz
2/OCed the timming of my DDR SDRAM in DFI nF3 UT BIOS like this :
tCL : 2.0
tRCD: 3
tRAS: 7
tRP : 3
tRC : 10
tRFC: 12
tRRD: 2
tWR: 2
tWTR: 1
tRTW: 1
tREF: 3120
tWCL: 1

everything elses of timming I set at Auto (no change). Vdimm at stock
this passed the OCCT Stability test,...

Is my RAM timming OK ??
I wonder if I can OC the bandwidth more from 200 MHz ??
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Originally Posted by Remonster

Set your RAM on a 1:1 divider (may be called 1:1. 200 or 400 in your BIOS)

HMMM I don't think you will get that RAM running at 240MHz on those timmings...actually I am sure you will not .


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Originally Posted by binary_sandman
The corsair xms series was built to overclock the operating frequency with lower CAS LANTECY
__________________________________________________ ___________*

I know because i have the corsair xms series 1*2gb overclocked it at
cas(2.5-3-3-6) and staying at default latency its operating frequency is 240mhz it is possible.
If you are reffering to my post. You are mistaken and incorrect.

We are referring to..this RAM. As you can see it is 2x512Mb DDR400 with 3-3-3-8 at 2.60v. and use Promos A IC's I do believe.

To say that you could get it to run at 240MHz with any sort of decent memory timmings is just plain incorrect.
I should add we are talking about the RAM speed not the core clock ie running at a 1:1 ratio.

Further more I have some CORSAIR XMS TWINX1024 3200C2 and it starts to get flaky at 220MHz on 2.8v at 2-3-3-6 . Thier best is the TCCD XMS TWINX1024 3200XL

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