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OC'ing Corsair XMS , help !!

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My OCed comp at the sys Spec. below
this is my DDR SDRAM
I think it use Promos chip

I've OCed like this: FSB:240MHz
1/ Didn't change the bandwidth (DDR/FSB:5/6) :--->srill run 200MHz
2/OCed the timming of my DDR SDRAM in DFI nF3 UT BIOS like this :
tCL : 2.0
tRCD: 3
tRAS: 7
tRP : 3
tRC : 10
tRFC: 12
tRRD: 2
tWR: 2
tWTR: 1
tRTW: 1
tREF: 3120
tWCL: 1

everything elses of timming I set at Auto (no change). Vdimm at stock
this passed the OCCT Stability test,...

Is my RAM timming OK ??
I wonder if I can OC the bandwidth more from 200 MHz ??
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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